BlizzCon 2018
Blizzard just made the BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket a bit more appealing for those who may not have felt like $49.99 (USD) was worth it quite yet. The studio revealed that shortly after the opening ceremony for November 2 (near 1PM PT), players will be able to download the still in development BlizzCon WoW Classic Demo that those actually at the event will get to try on the show floor.

It is perhaps important to know that this year's Virtual Ticket is $10 more than the previous year. There also doesn't seem to be a pet or mount included with this year's ticket either? So maybe that time limited demo won't be enough to change your mind. That's up to you to decide.

You will only be able to play until November 8 at 10AM (PT).

In addition to the demo for WoW Classic, those that have the Virtual Ticket or are going to BlizzCon proper will get some in-game items.
War Mantle of the Alliance & War Mantle of the Horde: