Daemonical will soon (in May) be released on Steam Early Access. What is Daemonical? I'm glad you asked. Daemonical is a multiplayer game where you try to survive on a remote island-- Hey wait! It's not a survival game! It's an asymmetrical mutliplayer PvP horror game!

Here is part of the very lengthy "about" section of the game from Steam. Maybe this will give you a better idea of what the game is actually about.
Having ended up on an abandoned remote island you find yourself in a life and death battle against the evil coming straight from perdition.
Enter a terrifying multiplayer horror experience featuring sessions for up to five players, where any one of them has chance of becoming the bone chilling demonic entity that will try to slaughter the rest of the group.

Daemonical is an asymmetrical horror multiplayer game in which a group of people find an unfinished demon summoning ritual. With the demonic entity released upon the island, the players must find a way to send it back to hell or end up slaughtered.

The humans play the game in first-person mode. They need to find some missing ritual components or survival until dawn in order to win. The demon can't be killed but he can be crippled or stalled by a variety of weapons and tools. When the humans die they become floating balls of light that can help the surviving humans seek out the demon or to their own body so that they can be revived.

The demon is played in third-person and his goal is to eliminate all of the humans. It is "fast, agile, powerful, and deadly."

By all accounts, the game sounds a lot like the F2P Deceit game that's currently available on Steam. I guess we'll have to see how Daemonical manages to separate itself from the competition.