Gaming has become a culture in many regions across the globe, where millions of people have embraced it. Being such a huge part of most people’s lives, the online gaming market has been on its toes to keep things as exciting as possible for its enthusiasts. This has led online gaming software developers to push the envelope on the development of games to keep things more fun with every release. This has especially been noticeable in the slot gaming arena, with the shift from traditional three-reeled slots to three-dimensional slots that feature realism and stunning graphics.

A huge area software providers have been able to play around with is slot themes. Even though slots carry the same basic functionality of spin-to-win, themes help keep things exciting by providing a story behind the gameplay. Numerous themes have been used in the development of these games such as celebrities, favorite Hollywood films, and widespread board games. A fine example of the latter is the famous Monopoly slots, which have seen various takes by different providers.

Popular Computer Game-Themed Casino Games
One of the most common themes that software developers have been able to exploit is computer games, otherwise known as video games. It is no secret that computer games are among the most enjoyed gaming pleasures that have been around even before the development of themed slots. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that casino game developers would draw inspiration from this arena. Below are five of the most prolific casino games developed around common computer games.
  • Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider is one of the most celebrated video games of all time that has been making waves since its first release back in 1996. The game features a beautiful archaeologist who goes on an adventure around the world looking for various relics while encountering dangerous tombs and caves along the way. The game was so successful that it saw not only slots developed around it, but also a film.

The Tomb Raider slot bears the same basic storyline where the gambler helps Lara collect artifacts and escape danger as they get winnings along the way. Microgaming is the online gaming software developer behind this creation and has it provided in video slot technology. It comes with fifteen win lines that are placed on five reels. The game has a jackpot of five hundred coins that is offered by triggering the bonus round.
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
This slot has been the center of attention in the past few years for being one of the best takes on computer games in the gambling world. The game places the player on the battlefield among other military soldiers where they engage in battle without having to endure the gruesome experience in real life. Cryptologic took note of the huge success of this development and created a slot around its theme. The video slot development has five reels with twenty-five win lines running through them. Like in the video game, the slot players aim to kill as many enemies as they can to get awarded freebies. Additionally, they can also get multipliers to push up their winnings. The highest jackpot offered in this ninety-five return to player rate game is five thousand coins. The coin value limits of between one and twenty coins make the game convenient for both low and high rollers.
  • Zuma
Zuma is a traditional Aztec game that is quite similar to Tetris. Even though it has not gained the household name status of the latter, this indulgent has been able to captivate many. This computer game was introduced long before the online platform had developed to encompass the gaming scene. The game has a tribal touch to it with ancient looking statues and drum beats dotting the theme.

Gamesys, the software provider behind this game, did its best to maintain the same simple style that is seen in the original game to keep it as familiar as possible to players. The game has five reels and twenty bet lines that accept a coin value from point zero one to one.
  • Hitman
Like Tomb Raider, the success of the Hitman video game has led it to make appearances on slots, console games, and Hollywood films. The game involves one man on a killing mission that the gamer has to help him accomplish.

Microgaming took the lead in the production of this slot after the huge success of Tomb Raider. The video slot has fifteen win lines that run through five reels, all of which have to be used during gameplay. The smallest coin value that can be used in the game is point zero one while the largest stands at point five, with a maximum of twenty coins going on each win line. This makes the maximum possible wager one hundred and fifty coins.
  • Call of Fruity
This slot can be described as a parody version of the Call of Duty Slot. The soldiers in the video game are replaced by fruits dressed for combat in the slot. Unlike the Call of Duty that is solely based on warfare and the destruction of enemies, this slot is made colorful and blowing up other fruits becomes quite fun. This creative development is produced by Barcrest. It has ten fixed win lines that are placed on five reels. The highest wager that can be placed on the game amounts to five hundred dollars.

In Brief
Computer games have a big role in the gaming industry. Therefore, the online casino industry was bound to draw some of its inspiration from this predecessor. Most of the computer games maintain the storyline of the original game with the fun and easy playability of slots.