At present, the physical game cards for Switch titles can only reach sizes of 32GB. That's not all that great for games that can easily be nearer to double that size. Meaning that even if you purchase the physical release, you may still be stuck with a huge download when you go to play. Nintendo originally planned to switch over to 64GB cards in the second half of 2018.

It now looks like that plan has shifted until some time in 2019. Nintendo informed developers of this delay quite recently. They claim it's due to "technical issues" though no other specifics were provided.

According to information provided to the Wall Street Journal, this news has made some publishers a little upset with Nintendo and the Switch. It seems as though some publishers may even push back the release of their games in order to wait for the availability of the 64GB cards. Even if that happens, the Switch still has plenty of titles in the pipeline for the months and year ahead, so nobody will have much to worry about.