On Thursday, November 30 and running through January 11, 2018, a big ol collaboration between Let It Die and World of Tanks is taking place. This is a part of the first year celebration of the release of Let It Die.
The World of Tanks collab includes ten premium Skill Decals that may drastically affect various skills and items, which will be a treat to veterans and new players alike. The decals include:
● World of Tanks - Max HP increased by 45%
● Tiger II - Fire a WAR ENSEMBLE weapon for five seconds, which reloads with explosive rounds that deal 20% more damage
● STEEL WALL - 20% chance of not taking any damage when hit
● Chi-Ha - After using WAR ENSEMBLE weapons for five seconds, ammo changes to explosive rounds that deal 30% more damage
● SHARPSHOOTER - Reduced bullet spray and recoil when using a WAR ENSEMBLE weapon
● PATROL DUTY - Shows enemies on the map permanently and decreases Dash stamina consumption and Fatigue Time by 50%
● BILLOTTE’S MEDAL - Players recover faster from being set on fire or from paralysis when electrocuted
● T95E2 - Increases attack power during Down Attack by 50%
● Call for Vengeance - Rage Gauge increases by +2 when starting a Raid from the Revenge List
● INVADER - Increases attack by 20% in a Raid

Along with the decals, unique collab armor is available for purchase from the PlayStation Store, which is based off the widely popular T-34/76 tank found in World of Tanks.

In addition, there will be "special decorations" in the waiting room plus limited themed quests and unique equipment that do battle against the Wardogs in the Tower of Barbs. Players that log in between December 21, 2017 and January 11, 2018 can earn a pair of Uncle Death's Space FunGlasses. The glasses increase defense and stamina for players that wear them.