A new release of ReCore was just officially announced today at Gamescom 2017. Rumored to be coming for a number of days now, ReCore: Definitive Edition will be a free update for existing owners of the game or $19.99 (USD) for those who do not yet own the game. It should be noted here that the original game is still being sold for $39.99. If this $19.99 price holds true, you may want to make sure you avoid paying double for this game. Just saying.

The release date is slated for August 29.

What does this Definitive Edition do that the original didn't?

So that's at least one new adventure and one new frame. Is that it? Well, it also includes HDR support, 4K support, and is good to go on the Xbox One X. It's also a "Play Anywhere" title, meaning it will be on both Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms.

Here, have a 4K trailer. You've earned it.