According to a news report from Windows Central, Microsoft's Project Scorpio will include a 4K Bluray player. It will also make use of supersampling technologies to deliver a very clean picture.
Lastly, games that sport True 4K assets will also enjoy graphics enhancements on 1080p displays, thanks to the console's supersampling technology. There are many games on Xbox One that sacrifice anti-aliasing quality for performance in other areas, resulting in models with jagged edges. Anti-aliasing gives objects the appearance of smoother edges, at the cost of system resources.

For games that have 4K updates on Project Scorpio, 1080p sets will see improved image quality, because the otherwise wasted resolution will be used to provide smoother edges and shadows. Games such as Ghost Recon: Wildlands, which suffer heavily from jagged edges due to the game's huge draw distance, should see large benefits from this technology.

The PlayStation 4 Pro does include similar supersampling scaling for those running that console on 1080p displays. The problem is that this scaling is usually at the mercy of the developers and how they choose to utilize the technology. It's also noteworthy that not every PS4 Pro title runs at a native 4K resolution, nor does that console include a 4K Bluray player.

Other improvements for Project Scorpio include better use of dynamic scaling so that Xbox One games can achieve their target resolutions more frequently. This also means that games will be able to hit their target framerates more often. As it stands right now, the Xbox One falls woefully short in both of these areas when compared to even the base PlayStation 4 unit.