This year, the gaming world started with a bang with the release of incredible games such as Road Redemption, 2064: Read Only Memories, and Night in the Woods, but as early indicators show, there is still plenty in store for gaming aficionados. In this article, we are going to look at three of the leading releases expected to hit the markets in the month of February this year.

This section features samurai from the West by the name William Adams. The star has to battle both yokai and human threats to save the nation. The action-packed Nioh is set in a fictional version of 17th century Japan and has been seen as the next Dark Souls. Brace yourselves Samurai lovers; this game is coming in a few days.

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This action packed game pits ancient warriors like Vikings, medieval nights, and samurai going head to head in a make-believe scenery. Here, you can play several modes including multiplayer and story campaign modes. Without a doubt, one of the most electrifying games in this month.

3. th February
Horizon Zero Down is set 1000 years in the future featuring a skillful female hunter called Aloy. Expect some electrifying battles in this game as Aloy try to disentangle the mysteries in her journey to find her lost mom. This game chains revolutionary mega-monsters with ancient artillery such as spears and arrows. Its substantial battle fits perfectly in its unfathomable setting.

There is still more to come in this month; from medieval warfare to far-future adventures, this month is unquestionably packed! If you are a slots game enthusiast, you can also check out casinos listed on this website to explore some of the latest games available. Cheers.