Back in 1987, long before Lara Croft emerged from a studio in Derby (in all her angular glory), a simple egg was the best video game hero the British could come up with. Named Dizzy, and created by the Oliver Twins - Philip and Andrew- the series told the story of a somersaulting adventurer with a weakness to everything, particularly hapless heroine, Daisy.

While originally not an egg at all (DizzyKickstarterKickstarter campaign centered on the character (Dizzy ReturnsAngry Birds, and MinecraftBetwayDevelopment HellDizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolkreduced to zero with the provision of infinitelives.

Wonderland Dizzy
The Oliver Twins did have one surprise in store for fans though. Back in 2015, an unreleased, forgotten game in the Dizzy saga was discovered in a loft and released for free to the public. Wonderland Dizzy, a game cancelled twenty years ago by British publisher, Codemasters, has quite an obvious NES aesthetic, and lets the player control both Dizzy and Daisy.

So, where does Dizzy gofrom here? As 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the first game, Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon AdventureSunken Castle Dizzy is a fun puzzler, Daisy Does Dallas