Live casino online makes lots of tricks to attract new gamblers and make the game process more interesting. New slot machines are created. Old slot machines are improved. Besides, new bonus programs are introduced.

Dealer casino is an innovation in the live casino onlinedealer casino is very popular today. There is a list of live casino online where the gamblers can make bets, rotate the roulette wheel and play in dealer casino. It is necessary to say that live casino online card game or roulette game become more attractive when the gamblers can see a live man as a dealer. He can also smile, move and talk and it happens in the real-time mode. Thus, the client can be personally sure that all financial operations in dealer casino is made honestly.

Virtual slot machines in the live casino online have one big advantage in comparison with mechanical slot machines. You are not distracted from the game process by the crowds of people who are always going behind the back.

What Games Are Available in the Dealer casino?

  • Craps;
  • Roulette games;
  • Baccarat;
  • Blackjack and lots of others.
The Duties of the Dealer in Dealer casino

Live casino online card game has lots of advantages in comparison with the same game with random number generator. For example, you can ask a dealer to tell you about the rules of the dealer casino game or about the fine points of the game process. Especially, if the gambler has never played in certain slot machine before.