Earlier today, the Team Leaders were revealed for Pokemon Go. Before, as with the Pokemon themselves, the Leaders were known only by their silhouettes. Let's take a look at the two awesome female Leaders and a guy that mains Reaper in Overwatch.

I also realized that I forgot to include a review in last weekend's "Week in Review" here. Let me fix that right now.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go is one of the most technically flawed games I have ever played. The servers are constantly down. The game forces me to close it down after every use otherwise it loads indefinitely the next time I try to launch it. The "Nearby" functionality has been broken since a few days after launch. The game itself is barebones as far as Pokemon gameplay staples are concerned. This includes the fact that it lacks PvP, there is no trading, and no actual battles. You can also forget about finding a multitude of wild Pokemon, PokeStops, or PokeGyms if you live in anything other than a big city.

Yet Pokemon Go has done something I haven't seen in years: It has brought people outside. It has gotten millions of people walking around, socializing, and working together. Sure, you always hear about these horror stories about idiots shooting at Pokemon players or making threats, but there has been far more positive as a result of Pokemon Go than there will ever be of the negative. It's just that you don't always hear about the positives because those don't get hits.

If Niantic can fix the server issues and add in features (and more PokeStops in smaller cities and rural areas) that fans so desperately crave, Pokemon Go could be even more of an unstoppable force. I have heard that later Generations of Pokemon will be added in the future, so that should help the game's longevity as well. I, at the very least, give a hearty round of applause for getting so many people outside, walking, exploring their neighborhoods, and meeting new friends.

Pokemon Go (Developed by Nianitic and The Pokemon Company)
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