Epic Games is suing a German "modder" named Robin Kreibich. Kreibich is accused of creating "undetectable" cheats and hacks for Paragon, Epic's third-person MOBA title. This is according to the legal filings found by Polygon.

Kreibich has advertised the hack as the "world's most powerful hack for Paragon." The hack supposedly includes an aimbot, triggerbot, both 3D and 2D radar, and more. He also claims that the hack is "fully undetected" by Epic and their anti-cheat measures.

Epic is suing over copyright infringement, unfair competition, and breach of contract with relation to the EULA. Epic Games is seeking damages and has also requested an order by the judge to have all copies of the software destroyed. They are also seeking a jury trial and compensation for damages and the costs associated with filing the lawsuit and taking it to trial.