Another rumor surfaced today after the supposed leak of early Dead Rising 4 assets. These assets seem to include a look at the title screen for the game, a poster, and an off-screen image of an early build of the game.

From what has been gathered, it seems as though Dead Rising 4 was (or is) a re-imagining of the first game in the franchise. However, instead of there just being Frank West, it would be a four-player co-op experience. Not only that, but the area would include both the mall from the main game and the surrounding town during Christmas time. It's also not too clear if Frank will return, but the figure in one of the images is carrying around a camera. Hopefully we see Frank return. After all, he's covered wars, you know.

The rumor also suggests that Capcom Vancouver has ditched the engine from Dead Rising 3, in favor of Unreal engine 4. It is also unknown as to which platform or platforms Dead Rising 4 would be released on. However, given Dead Rising 3's unfortunate exclusivity on the Xbox One and PC, it could be assumed that Dead Rising 4 will also receive the same treatment, even potentially locking the game to the Xbox One and the Windows 10 Store.