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It is not anything new, but the surge in mobile and casual gaming is only going to keep going strong in 2016. These past few years have seen an incredible surge in the popularity of mobile gaming. As of April 2015, 35% of all gamers said they play mobile games. It should only stand to reason to say that number will only increase as time goes on and more and more people pick up phones that are capable of playing games that are visually on par with the consoles they grew up with. We already have a number of titles that have made the transition from mobile to console and PC release, including Riptide GP.

Companies like Apple and Google have already laid out a solid foundation for mobile gaming thanks to their robust and often overcrowded app stores. Microsoft is still looking to make a dent on the mobile and casual gaming market with their renewed push for Windows Store integration between all of their Windows 10 based devices. It is still unclear just yet how well this tactic will work out for them in the face of such stiff competition. Obviously, their push will only be helped by including games that fans want such as Minecraft and a handful of Xbox titles. However, it seems as though their current focus is only on bringing feature lacking PC ports of their Xbox One experiences to the PC market.

Unlike Google, Apple, and Microsoft, some companies are going a different route to attract the mobile and casual gaming market. Places like are trying to capture the hearts of casual focused fans looking for a thrill and an experience that you simply cannot get from a little handheld mobile device alone. Casinos in general, both online and physical locations, are utilizing technologies like touch screens to woo the mobile gamers of the world. Still others, like Nintendo, are just now starting to dip their toes in.