The Top 5 Puzzle-Related Video Games

Over the years a wide range of puzzle-related video games have been developed. These games included traditional puzzle games, hidden object games, tile matching games, hidden objects, revealing pictures and action puzzle games. These have stimulated and entertained millions of gamers on a wide range of platforms since puzzles could first be played as video games. These are five of the top puzzle-related video games.



This Japanese puzzle game is another game that has made an impact in many different countries around the world. It first became popular as a paper-based puzzle game. However, the format of this game made it easy to transfer to a video game audience. This game includes hundreds of Sudoku puzzles and a range of difficulty setting for different levels of user.



Candy Crush

A Puzzle of the Puzzle Video Games

All of the puzzles-related video games above are iconic games. Many people want to keep them in their memory. A great way to do this is to create your very own jigsaw puzzles featuring these games. Websites like make this possible.

You simply send the image or images of the games above. Graphic artists and jigsaw puzzle makers then go to work to create a jigsaw puzzle featuring the image you send. This makes a great gift or is an awesome way to remember your favorite puzzle related video games.