In an interview with GameSpot, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg made a pretty bold and confusing claim about Halo's status in the world of gaming. Or maybe it was Halo's status in the world of movies? Perhaps it was Halo's status in the world? I'm not really sure what he was going for here.
Does Halo 5 need to be the best-selling Halo ever? What are your expectations internally?

For us, I think in many ways it feels like the most anticipated game of the year. Because Halo is something so special that people have waited years for a new Halo to come out. It's not something that happens every year [Ed. note: Greenberg was referring to new franchise installments, not compilation packs like 2014's Halo: The Master Chief Collection]. What's really so special about Halo, and people will feel it the moment they start playing the campaign, is just the richness of the universe and the story and it's very much like what Star Wars is to movies, Halo is to games. You have that special sauce--it's unlike anything else. So I think that whole universe and what the team has done at 343 with this game and I would stay staying true to what is Halo as a Halo fan, but also modernizing it and innovating it in some ways that I think makes the game a lot of fun to play and really engaging. We're optimistic that reviews and fans will respond positively, but of course, we'll wait and see how people feel about it. But personally, I've played all the Halo titles and this one definitely has something special that I've never seen before.