Prior to the game's release, Nvidia cut a couple of GameWorks promotional videos for Batman: Arkham Knight. Interestingly, those videos were presented at 60FPS. Unfortunately, the actual game doesn't run at 60FPS without an INI tweak. Even worse is that the game doesn't reliably run at 60FPS even with the INI tweak.

A YouTube user, PoweredByFlow, is credited with discovering the following, which was then passed along to a wider audience via Sajius460 on Reddit. The claim is that if you watch the following promo video starting at 24 seconds in, you can hear the enemies sounding a bit... odd. They sound like chipmunks, an audio issue that typically only happens if you take recorded footage and play it back at a faster speed.

It's a bit hard to hear with the music playing over top, but if you're listening for it, you can certainly hear the rapid, high-pitched voices during the fight scenes that occur right at and after the 24 second mark.

As it stands, it's not looking too good for any party involved in the PC release of Batman: Arkham Knight. This Nvidia video is intentionally deceiving. Rocksteady, Iron Galaxy, and WBIE are also not looking too good here with the massive amount of issues going on with the PC release of this game. Some have even discovered that certain effects, such as ambient occlusion and various rain effects on Batman's character model are actually missing from the PC release but are found on the console versions. So not only are there performance issues but the PC release is also missing graphical eye candy that the console versions have.

This is, of course, after a big stink was raised over the pre-release DLC and pre-order content by consumers over the course of the past few months.