Batman: Arkham Knight came out tonight on all platforms. Unfortunately for those PC owners out there, the gameplay is capped at 30fps. Why? Not really sure. They have an in-game benchmark that most certainly goes above 30 but the game itself runs at 30 max.

That is unless you make this simple INI tweak!
  • With the game not running, go to your installation folder for Arkham Knight. It will be something like: \steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight
  • From there, navigate to the BmGame folder, then Config, then open up BMSystemSettings.ini in your favorite text editor. Once open, find where it says Max_FPS=30.
  • Next, change that 30 to whatever framerate you want, though 60 is probably what most of you are looking for.
  • Finally, save the file and play the game.

Hopefully this framerate lock was just an oversight. I personally thought it was stupid at first but then I realized there would be no way I could run the game at a solid 60fps with the visual options turned on that I have turned on right now. So, I'm kind of a-okay for playing with more eye candy enabled at a pretty solid 30fps. Now of course, there are still framerate hitches here and there. AMD users seem to be hit the hardest though. There are new drivers out for both AMD and Nvidia, so those may help out a bit as well if you haven't done that yet.