Apparently, Sony has started up a closed beta for firmware updates on the PlayStation 4. And apparently, despite people being sworn to secrecy due to signing an NDA, some information on the next update has indeed started to leak. What then can we expect in the rumored 2.50 firmware update for the PlayStation 4? Well...

That's right. If that screenshot is legitimate, it looks like 2.50 will allow users to remap every button on their DualShock 4 controllers on a system level. That's rather awesome, especially for those who enjoy having the fire button bound to R1 instead of R2 for all of their shooters.

What else can we expect?

According to the SCEE Technote for the 2.50 firmware, the update will also (finally) include Suspend/Resume! Yep, one of the features Sony announced for the PS4 before it was ever launched is almost actually here.

(via NeoGAF)