EA kicked off their new "Origin Game Time" program today. This program allows players to give a trial run to a game of EA's choosing for a period of 48 hours. The first game offered for this new program? Titanfall.

From the sounds of it, despite the trial beginning this weekend, the 48-hour time period itself doesn't actually start until you launch the game for the first time. That actually sounds like an incredibly smart idea.

EA says that Titanfall "is only the beginning" for their Game Time program. They have more in store and each Game Time "will be unique." This includes not only being a different game each time, but a different amount of time to play the games, which is... something, I suppose.

Regardless, Titanfall will be free starting this weekend for a period of 48-hours. Download it and play it whenever you have the time since the clock doesn't start until you say it does, provided you start it during this weekend at some point (I think that's how this is going to work).