Well, it's a bit less than 24 hours now, but from now until June 19 at 12:59PM (GMT), you can pick up Magrunner: Dark Pulse for free from GOG.com! To claim your game before the time runs out, simply head on over to GOG.com, log in, and then click the banner image for Magrunner on the main page. It will add the game to your GOG account a short time after.

Once claimed, the game is yours to keep forever without having to pay a penny.

Magrunner: Dark Pulse is puzzler that is somewhat similar to Portal or Quantum Conundrum but with a decidedly Lovecraftian twist on the story. It's quite a bit of fun and for $0.00, you'd be stupid to pass it up.

In addition to the free game, GOG has a massive Summer sale going on right now. You can save up to 90% off of a variety of games and bundles including the Ultima franchise, Hitman, and tons more. Again, simply head on over to GOG.com and check out the main page for a taste of what they're offering.