Undead Labs' Jeff Strain says that the team has some "long-term ambitions" in store for the State of Decay franchise.

In speaking with Polygon, the founder of the company talks about their deal with Microsoft and his desire to make use of Microsoft's Azure cloud system on the Xbox One. This also includes his continued hopes of including multiplayer in future releases.
"We have long-term ambitions for the franchise. Wherever we take this, in terms of sequels, multiplayer will be built in from the beginning.

"My experience with our team and Microsoft has been that it is built from very passionate, very smart people whose hearts are in the right place.

"The Azure infrastructure is huge. The existing Live infrastructure is really quite mature and robust. And those are all things that we'd love to take advantage of."

Strain also notes that part of their happiness at Microsoft comes from the company's appointing of Phil Spencer to the Head of Xbox. Strain notes that Spencer is a huge fan of the first game and that "he's super excited about where we're going."

State of Decay has a new piece of DLC coming out soon called Lifeline. It is the second expansion for the game and the first story-based piece of content. This release will see you playing as the military instead of just a regular civilian caught up in the zombie apocalypse.