Phil Spencer, the new head honcho over at the Xbox division at Microsoft has been on a fantastic streak lately of bringing back positivity towards the Xbox brand with consumers.

His latest act seems to be a hint that some of the apps that are currently locked behind an Xbox Live Gold subscription may not be that way for much longer.

Of course, that is nothing definitive and may be pure speculation (and hope) from many, but it is a positive message none the less. As has been the case since as long as I can remember, many apps were locked away behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall for essentially no reason.

Apps and services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Skype, and even YouTube are all locked away behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall. Yes, both free services and services you are already paying a subscription to use are behind an additional paywall. Both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 do not lock those apps behind their PlayStation Plus service.