Today must be the day for fakes and rumors. So far today we've had a leaked teaser trailer for Silent Hill: Otherworld pop up. Shortly after was a leaked image from the end of some Dishonored 2 reveal. The latest is a supposed release date for DriveClub

Many are crying fake on the first two of these rumors, while others are still holding out hope. Neither game has been announced by their development studios or publishers yet. Yes, that means that until those happen (if at all), these are merely rumors or very elaborate fakes.

In a comment on NeoGAF, the person who originally posted the Dishonored 2 image said that they have no idea who sent him the image and has never been emailed anything by that person in the past. Reportedly, the EXIF data for the image also seems to indicate it was taken on February 1, which is after the recent Destination PlayStation event.

So, alright, that seems like the Dishonored 2 image is probably fake. The Silent Hill: Otherworld is either fake or a leak. Now, what about DriveClub?

Well, a poster on the PS Nation forums says they saw a Tweet on the DriveClub Twitter account that gave a release date of 9/4/2014. So, that's either April 9 or September 4.

Again, these are all rumors until officially announced. I wasn't even going to say anything about these but I wanted to give you guys a heads up to not take these for facts yet.