Kickstarter, the go-to site for crowd-funding a variety of projects, has been hacked. The notice comes from the Kickstarter site and makes it clear that no credit card data was accessed. However, other information such as usernames, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and encrypted passwords were stolen.

They are also quick to point out that no actual passwords were revealed but it is possible, as is always the case in situations like this, that the encryption can be cracked. It's strongly suggested that you change your password at the Kickstarter website and at any site or service where you may have used the same password.

In addition, you should probably look into setting up something like KeePass or LastPass or 1Password. I use one of these three services for my accounts and it's been fantastic.

Also of note is that Kickstarter reset all Facebook login credentials as a precaution. If you used Facebook to log into the site before, you can simply reconnect without issue. They also note that the passwords were uniquely salted and "digested with SHA-1 multiple times." So while they should be hard to uncover, it would just be a smart move to change your password and be done with it.