Perhaps you've heard of the Yogscast. They are UK's most watched Youtube channel, so I would assume by now that you've heard of them. Simon Lane, better known as Honeydew, is one of the founders of the Yogscast and he is also now available as DLC for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Yes, he's a piece of DLC now. Now the cool thing here is that 100% of all purchases of the $2.99 (USD) DLC will be sent to the SpecialEffect charity! and for more information about SpecialEffect and the fantastic work that they do, please visit their main website,

In addition to this, the Yogscast are also in the midst of an annual month-long charity drive with the help of the Humble Bundle and various developers. They are streaming every single day through the month of December to raise money for a variety of charities including Oxfam, SpecialEffect, Little People UK, GamesAid, and War Child.

There are a ton of ways for you to donate towards a good cause while also getting something extra in return, be that something extra a piece of DLC or a bundle of games.