Chances are you probably don't remember the Desert Strike series, or perhaps you're too young to even know what it is. EA has recently filed trademark registrations for "Desert Strike," giving hope that a new entry in the series may be coming.
Back in the early 90s, that was the name of an isometric helicopter shoot 'em up released for the Mega Drive, SNES and Commodore Amiga - gamers step into the cockpit of an Apache helicopter in the middle of the Gulf War, capturing bad guys, rescuing hostages, and blowing stuff up. There's even a mission that involves protecting the President of the United States, in case you missed the subtleties of which side you're on.

It was EA's best-selling game at the time, and marked the beginning of the Strike series, which also spawned Jungle Strike, Urban Strike, Soviet Strike and Nuclear Strike. Fifth sequel Future Strike never made it to retail.

A trademark registration doesn't really mean much. It could be for a new game. Maybe it's for a re-release of the classics. Or perhaps it's just being done as a precaution to prevent others from taking the name.

(via Player Attack)