Earlier today, the website for the charity organizers Extra Life was taken down by a DDoS attack. Yes, there are people of the world that DDoS charity events that benefit children. Jeromy Adams from Extra Life posted this update to Facebook earlier today.

Fortunately, the site seems to be back up. In addition, all of the streams going on this weekend seem to still be going strong. That's probably due to the fact that most of the streams going on are through Twitch, YouTube, and other external streaming sites.

Extra Life is an annual fundraising event where gamers from all over volunteer their time and play games all day (or all weekend) to raise money for children in hospitals and children's hospitals around the world.

For example some of the streams I've watched today include Giant Bomb, Rooster Teeth, and Markiplier, but there are tons more out there. Most of which are still early on into their marathons for the weekend.