Sony's "Greatness Exchange" program was last seen back in July. This program allowed users to trade in their gold PSN trophies in for chances at some real prizes. Today, the Greatness Exchange program returns for PlayStation 3 gamers.

Once again you can spend your gold trophies for entries into a number of sweepstakes, including a few trips to various events. Some of the big trips include a trip to and from Amsterdam for a four day trip to meet up with staff from Guerrilla Games, two signed copies of Killzone: Shadow Fall, and more. Another trip is for a roundtrip to QuakeCon 2014 with two VIP badges, reserved seating for all panels and events, fast-pass to every event, and two copies of Elder Scrolls Online.

Other prizes include replica clothing and weapons from various games that you can (if you want) actually wear. The value for a lot of the replica clothing is apparently upwards of $700. Again, simply enter your gold trophies for a chance to win the prizes. Head on over to the Greatness Exchange website to check out the upcoming sweepstakes and enter your trophies.