Dark Matter was a new side-scrolling title in the same vein as a Castlevania or Metroid title that went up on Steam and GoG just last week. Immediately, a number of users came to the conclusion that the game was simply not finished. What led them to that conclusion? Well, the ending came very, very abruptly as your character walks through a door a few short hours into the game and a simple text message pops up telling you what the end of the game is.

That's it. That was literally it.

Naturally those who paid for the game were left unsatisfied at the unfinished product and the game has been pulled from both digital distribution services. Adding insult to injury, it seems as though the game may never be completed as envisioned as the studio behind the game, Interwave Studios, had been laid off in July and August. It's being reported that development of the game is ongoing at an external company but none of the original developers are working on the project any more.

A failed Kickstarter campaign and a lack of additional funding reportedly led to this incomplete game somehow being found fit for release.

Still need more proof about how abrupt the ending to the game is? Check out this video of one YouTube user's let's play of the game.