Steam SHMUP Fest is live from now through October 2nd.

The Steam SHMUP Fest is officially live on Steam. This new fest runs from now through to October 2 at 10AM (PT). As per usual with other Steam Fests, this one includes big discounts and demos that fall under the "shoot 'em up" (SHMUP) category.

Just from a quick glance at the sales, there are some great games included in this Fest. There's Brotato on sale for just $3.99, Enter the Gungeon at $4.49, 20 Minutes Till Dawn at $3.99, and Soulstone Survivors at $7.49. That's just naming a few games out of the many that are on sale, of course.

I'll include the Valve produced trailer again below. But you know what these Fests are. You know what SHMUPs are. Go forth and save and try new demos!