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Text over a background showing different sporting equipment that says: Steam Sports Fest. May 15 - May 22 at 10 AM Pacific.

The Steam Sports Fest is officially underway. This event just kicked off and offers tons of sports and sports-adjacent games with sales and demos. The Steam Sports Fest runs from right now through to May 22 at 10AM (PT).

This little event encompasses all sorts of sports. You've got your traditional games like basketball, football (both kinds!), baseball, golf, boxing, maybe even some hockey and more. Then you have your less conventional sports titles like table tennis, extreme snowboarding, parkour, and cricket. Yes, even that mysterious sport of cricket is included in the Steam Sports Fest.

It seems as though this Steam Sports Fest includes everything remotely sports related except for racing. Racing games had their own Steam Fest.

Valve put together a cheeky trailer for the Steam Sports Fest, which you can see right now.