Valve says these demos have been played over 2 million times.
Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

As we are well aware, the Steam Next Fest: October Edition is well underway. It only started earlier this week, but the demos have been flowing like Niagra Falls. Valve just shared a list of the top 20 demos that people have downloaded and played up to now.

The list can be found below. Valve says that these games have been downloaded and played a combined total of over 2 million times.

Have you happened to try out any of these game demos yet? If you did, what were your favorites out of the bunch? By all means, if you tried out something awesome that isn't on the list, feel free to mention those as well. I personally haven't tried out any demos yet, but perhaps this weekend I will.

Steam Next Fest: October Edition continues on until Monday, October 10 at 10AM (PT).