Play some old games before you buy new ones?
Steam Spring Cleaning 2019

Given that we already seem to know when the Steam Summer Sale will go live, it just makes sense that you should play and finish some of your back catalog first. That seems to be what Valve was thinking when they kicked off their Spring Cleaning Event today. This event rewards you for playing old games that have been sitting in your library, games you haven't played yet, and even some new, free games they're offering for the duration of this event.

The following games are freer to play while the event is live. I don't believe you'll get to keep any of these games after the event ends on May 28, but you can keep playing all of these thanks to some pretty deep discounts. It seems like these games might change every day? It's not fully clear, but you should at least check back in a day to see if a fresh batch of freebies were added along with new sales.

Current free games include:There are some "tasks" you can complete in order to get some trophies unlocked. A lot of these tasks just involve playing games you already own, which is pretty easy to do.

Will there be new or additional games on sale or that you can play for free tomorrow? Who knows! Just check back then to find out.