Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
If you ever wanted to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but you just didn't have the cash, you may be happy to hear that a feature stripped version of the game was just made available for free tonight.

Valve released Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition for those who don't mind just playing against bots or viewing matches through GOTV. I did hear that LAN play was possible with this release as well, so that's certainly a pretty big plus.

However, if you wants things like actual online games, matchmaking, inventories, XP, ranks, and everything else, you'll have to pony up the $14.99 (USD).

I'm assuming this is Valve's way of testing things out before one day making Global Offensive a true F2P game that is supported by hats, I mean weapon skins. Then again, why make the barrier to entry for cheaters that much lower?