The somewhat well-known Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caster, Sadokist, is finding himself in some hot water today after he let out at least one obvious racial slur and told his viewers to kill themselves.

In the Streamable videos below, a couple of Sadokist's remarks are viewable. Be warned that the first video features a racial slur while the second link has him telling a viewer to kill themselves.

Sadokist going with the hard "r" slur.
Sadokist telling a viewer that they should kill themselves.

Sadokist also said that community member, Don Haci, could "go fucking die" and that he (Sadokist) "would literally celebrate it." This all happened last night when Sadokist did a drunk AMA (ask me anything) on his Twitch channel. The VOD for the stream has since been deleted but he allegedly said even more that would get most Twitch users banned in a heartbeat.

To think that just a few weeks back Sadokist was critical of xQc, formerly of the Dallas Fuel Overwatch team, for using the "TriHard" emote. For reference, the TriHard emote is the smiling face of Trihex, a well-known streamer. The emote is commonly spammed by a great number of racists among the Twitch community. The TriHard emote was used by xQc in an Overwatch League Twitch chat while there was a black presenter on stream. Though xQc says that his use was not due to the race of the person on stream and that he's been using that emote constantly for months.

Meanwhile, discussion of Sadokist's behavior is almost completely absent from r/GlobalOffensive on Reddit. The mods say that talking about Sadokist's disgusting behavior goes against the rules of the subreddit, stating that it is not relevant to CS:GO. However, they let drama remain that focuses on other prominent figures in the CS:GO community.


As it stands right now, this thread on the Global Offensive subreddit is the only one that remains about Sadokist's behavior. It is a thread that gives a not so subtle slap in the face of the mods for their continued favoritism of certain prominent figures in the Global Offensive community.