Whew, PC gaming sure is dead, eh? We have some new records to announce to you today. First up, Steam has surpassed 15 million concurrent users. This means that all around the world statues crumble for me there were 15 million people logged into Steam but not necessarily playing games. Still though, it's impressive.

What is even more impressive is when you realize that this breaks the previous record of around 14.7 million users, which happened last weekend. That, in turn, broke the previous record of 14.5 million users from the weekend before that. That 14.5 million users broke the previous record of 14.3 million users, set the week prior to the 14.5 million figure. Yep, it's been a busy month for Steam.

This is undoubtedly being helped by the insane popularity of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. PUBG hit record player counts today, surpassing the previous all-time record on Steam by Dota 2. Dota 2's all-time peak concurrent player count was a hair over 1.29 million people. Today, PUBG's peak concurrent player count was just shy of 1.35 million.

It's also important to keep in mind that PUBG is still in Early Access and is still only currently available on PC via Steam. It will be coming to the Xbox One soon and possibly the PlayStation 4 at a later date.

Charts via SteamCharts