h3h3Productions' latest video takes a look at the shady and sometimes illegal world of gambling, trading, and skin unlocking in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This comes hot on the heels of a lawsuit filed against Valve for "illegal gambling" in CS:GO.

The lawsuit claims that Valve "knowingly allowed, supported, and/or sponsored illegal gambling by allowing millions of Americans to link their individual Steam accounts to third-party websites such as CSGO Lounge ("Lounge"), CSGO Diamonds ("Diamonds"), and OPSkins (collectively, "unnamed co-conspirators")." The suit continues on to say that "(b)ecause Valve has helped to create an unregulated, international gambling concern with no oversight that targets teenagers, Plaintiffs and the class have been damaged." The suit says that the "unregulated market is ripe for scams, cheating, fraud and other harms to users." This seemingly also extends into alleged cases of match-fixing in CS:GO.

h3h3's video focuses on TmarTn and ProSyndicate. Both of these people have numerous videos on their YouTube channels that focus on gambling in CS:GO. h3h3 examines how these two individuals did not disclose vital information in their videos. They note how the videos focus on CSGO Lotto, a shady CS:GO gambling site that these two apparently own but did not disclose this to the public. This is an important detail to keep in mind, as h3h3Productions explains why.