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Article: (Updated) TmarTn Apologizes for Getting Caught as CSGOLotto Legal Council Issues Statement

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  • Article: (Updated) TmarTn Apologizes for Getting Caught as CSGOLotto Legal Council Issues Statement

    UPDATE 1 (9:41PM ET July 6, 2016): It seems as though Martin has pulled his insincere apology video! Why? It's a mystery.

    Original: Trevor "TmarTn" Martin issued an "apology" today for his role in deceiving people about his role with CSGOLotto. In it, he essentially apologizes for getting caught. He's not really apologizing for the illegal gambling, enticing minors to gamble, failure to disclose ownership of CSGOLotto, or facilitating illegal gambling. No, he's basically just apologizing for getting caught.

    Speaking from what appears to be a prepared statement, TmarTn says:
    “My connection to CSGO Lotto has been a matter of public record since the company was first organized in December of 2015. However, I do feel like I owe you guys an apology. I am sorry to each and every one of you who felt like that was not made clear enough to you. I truly, honestly hope that you guys give me an opportunity to earn your trust back.”

    He continues to go on for a bit longer with this. You can see all of this for yourself in his "apology" video below.

    Attorney Ryan Morrison, better known as the "Video Game Attorney," provided some remarks about this video in statements issued to PC Gamer. Morrison specifically addresses the part in TmarTn's video where he talks about how the age limit of 13 was merely a compliance with the COPA act and how they (CSGOLotto) do not "condone minors under the age of 18 to play on the site."
    “We have online gambling that is completely unregulated as far as I can tell from CSGO Lotto, they don’t age verify minus one little ‘check tick’ when you sign up for an account, which is nowhere near enough age verification,” Morrison said. “They allow you to put in and take out [skins] basically as you please, and there’s no attempt to follow the different gambling regulations that exist, even in terms of percentages of winning and things like that. Some jurisdictions don’t allow you to increase the odds of winning if you put in more money and here that’s quite literally how the website works.”

    Morrison went on to say that prosecution is "as close to a sure thing as possible."
    “If you look at FanDuel and DraftKings and how many states have gone after those guys now, they’re gonna see that this is infinitely worse that anything DraftKings and FanDuel was doing and getting similar attention if not more attention. I refuse to believe there’s not a legislator, a district attorney, a state whatever that’s not going to make this into a criminal matter.”

    If something like that does happen, there is the very real possibility of seized assets, massive fines, and more. This doesn't even count the criminal prosecution for operating CSGOLotto.

    Martin is perhaps finally starting to realize the severity of his crimes because CSGOLotto have enlisted the legal services of Watson LLP. The law firm released a statement today on behalf of CSGOLotto, specifically focusing on Trevor Martin.
    First and foremost, Trevor Martin values the support of his YouTube followers, and he is focused on publishing entertaining content for them.

    The ownership interests in CSGO Lotto have been public record since the company organized in December 2015.

    It is important to understand that winners on the website are randomly determined by both algorithms and computer code. The odds of winning games played at CSGO Lotto are not more or less favorable to any players. The company has fail-safe measures in place to prevent any person and any player from independently changing or manipulating the outcomes of any games played.

    CSGO Lotto finds it deeply troubling that statements against both the company and its owners are not supported by facts and lack a serious understanding of “gambling,” as that term is legally defined. In this way, CSGO Lotto is materially different from its competitors who operate other game play websites that may, in fact, cross the line of legality.

    There is also considerable misinformation concerning allegations that CSGO Lotto encourages minors of age 13 to participate in its games. This stems from a misunderstanding of the company’s privacy policy. The policy references minors aged 13 and under due to the company’s compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Contrary to what has been suggested, the company does not condone the usage of its website by minors under 18 years of age and, indeed, players must certify their age at the outset. Furthermore, statements released by the company on prior occasions are consistent with the company’s continued efforts to ensure that it does not collect the personal information of any minor.

    -Coleman Watson, Esq. Watson LLP

    Gosh, this is all so very exciting!