Valve has released the first update to their Steam Android app for the first time in four years (seriously) yesterday. What's included in the update? Is it a new Material design? Is it improved speed and functionality? Does it install the mobile version of Half-Life 3?

No, no, and no. All it really does is add in a setting for Steam Guard. That's. It. The app is still firmly rooted in the Android 2.2 SDK, built for the Android 2.2 operating system, an OS that came out five years ago. To put it into better perspective, Android is now up to version 5.x.

The little menu icon in the lower right? It's a legacy menu icon for older versions of Android. Apps that haven't been updated in a while but run on Android 5.x have that icon show up. You can move it around and it never actually disappears no matter what part of the app you're in. So, that's a thing. Steam on Android still also manages to run like a turtle with two broken legs even on the latest hardware.

Thanks(?) Valve.