Valve has added another feature to Steam today. Much like some of the other features, this one is also in beta! Today marks the start of the chance for users to join the Steam Music Beta. This new feature will be coming to those who utilize Big Picture mode and the SteamOS itself.

As you may expect, you can show your interest in joining the beta by joining the Steam Music Steam group linked above. What can users expect? Well, you'll be able to stream your own music library while in a game or at least while you're in Big Picture mode. The group's first announcement includes some nice images and a few details on this.

This seems like it's just one step from Valve offering purchasable music and albums through Steam. From there? Who knows. Perhaps movies and TV shows that you can rent or purchase through Steam. Remember that a big part of this is the integration with SteamOS and Valve will want to make that as robust and appealing as possible to at least keep it somewhat in line with the offerings from the current home consoles out there.