Yesterday, an update was released for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. It added in some returning multiplayer maps and new game modes like Gun Game and Hardpoint. That's great news!

The not so great news is that they added in microtransactions into the game, which had no microtransactions in the first place. Yes, they are cosmetic but the fact remains that they were added in after the game launched without any.

Secondly, they also added in female character models that you can play as! Oh but they locked them behind random loot box unlocks. So you can either randomly get one of the new female characters as an unlock or you can "craft" them from the currency you get from loot boxes.

What the actual fuck?

The full changelog is below.
• Added Character Selection Options
• Added Character Combat Uniform Options
• Added Weapon Reticle Selection
• Added Cosmetic Weapon Kits
• Added Melee Weapons
• Depot
- Displays Collections
- New Supply Drop System

New Multiplayer Maps
• Bloc
• Countdown
• Pipeline
• Showdown
• Strike
• Wet Work
• Winter Crash

New Game Modes
• Gun Game
• Hardpoint

• “Alive Counter” added in Search and Destroy
• Allow Weapon Ping during a UAV in Hardcore
• Removed false XP modifier UI from Private Match and LAN

• Smoke Grenade VFX draw distance increased
• Weapon flinch and kick adjusted to match COD4
• Melee attack traces adjusted to match COD4
• USMC Sniper character model changed to more closely match CoD4
• Several modifications to bots
• Bug Fixes
- Fixed “controller glitch” where the player’s weapon would continually fire
- Fixed issue with losing killstreaks while changing classes on round bases modes
- Fixed issue with third person emblem displaying improperly
- Fixed issue with attachment challenges not resetting upon prestige
- Fixed issue with lean during kill cam
- Fixed issue with the “Think Fast” medal applying from assisted suicides
- Fixed issue with arms changing in the Firing Range
- Fixed issue with switching teams in a match with limited lives
- Fixed issue with field of view with spectators
- Fixed issue with firing after spawning
- Fixed issue with grenade impact damage with headshots only enabled
- Fixed issue with Old School jump height in Firing Range
- Miscellaneous code changes
- Fixed issue with guest account rank