The writing is on the walls, and the ornaments, and the cookies, and the stockings, and the...
A man dressed as Santa surrounded by ornaments and cookies all with the number 7 on them.

DICE is certainly in the giving mood this holiday season, because the studio came out to say that Season 7 for Battlefield 2042 is coming. A little bit of teasing first showed up from Manuel Llanes on Twitter back on November 23rd. Llanes is the creative director for Battlefield 2042's live service model.

The teasing by Llanes came back on November 23rd in a social media post that referenced the number 7. While innocent at a glance, Llanes has apparently teased several big updates for Battlefield 2042 in similar fashion ahead of being officially announced by the studio or EA. Just from this "innocent" post by Llanes, fans were already expecting a Season 7 announcement soon.

Today, DICE basically blew the lid off of the speculation with a lovely little holiday announcement.

You know what? That's not too bad as far as support is concerned, considering everyone only expected there to be four seasons for the longest time. Since then we've had two additional seasons, New Dawn and the currently ongoing Dark Creations season.

Obviously, we don't have a specific date for Season 7, nor a name, nor what content will be added. We've still got a ways to go yet in Season 6, so it might be a little while before we find out.