Season 6 launches October 10.
A closeup of a zombie-like man with glowing orange eyes.

The reveal trailer for the sixth season of Battlefield 2042 is here. Season 6 is called "Dark Creations" and it involves... zombies? It seems like it involves zombies. Whatever the case is, we'll find out more soon because Season 6: Dark Creations is set to launch on October 10th for all platforms.

While you can see the trailer below, there have been some bits and pieces about new content coming in Season 6 pulled from the trailer and elsewhere. For instance, it seems as though the new map is a close quarters map located on Scotland's Outer Hebrides. A few of the new weapons include the VHX-D3 (Assault Rifle), L9CZ (Pistol/Secondary), and the G428 (Marksman Rifle). New gadgets include throwable ammo packs and throwable medical packs. A new vehicle, seen near the end of the trailer, looks to be the YUV-2 Dragonfly. This vehicle seems to be a ridable drone of sorts.

Of course, there will be a new 100 level Battle Pass to work your way through.

I'm sure we'll have even more details on Season 6 soon.