Revolutionary new ideas still being added to Battlefield 2042.
Image showing better squad management coming in Battlefield 2042 update.

When DICE "improved" the squad system in Battlefield 2042, they left a lot to be desired. I cannot even remember what exactly they did to improve it, but those improvements still failed to give much of any control to how your squad functions in the game. You were unable to lock your squad. You also couldn't kick anybody from the squad if, for example, a vacant slot fills with a random after your friend's game crashes and they have to restart and rejoin the game.

That very scenario happened last night while playing.

Thankfully, DICE is going to implement some worthwhile improvements to the squad system when Update 5.2 releases. That update will include the ability to lock, unlock, and remove players from squads. It also seems as though you will once again be able to "request" to take over as the squad leader as you were able to in previous Battlefield titles.

The full update notes for Update 5.2 will be revealed "soon."