A teaser announcing a sixth season for Battlefield 2042.

It seems as though DICE and EA pulled a fast one on all of us. Battlefield 2042 Season 5: New Dawn was supposed to be the fifth and final season for the futuristic multiplayer FPS. I say supposed to be, because they just announced a sixth season earlier today.

The announcement came via the official Battlefield social media channels like Instagram and Twitter.

We know jack squat about what Season 6 will include. DICE said in their announcement that they won't share additional information about Season 6 until some point later on in the midst of Season 5.

Alright, I'll say it: That's pretty darn cool. It certainly came as a shock to me and most other fans of the game. Maybe the sixth season is when we'll finally get a fully urban environment map. I've kept my fingers crossed for at least one of them since 2021 and I may as well keep them crossed for one more season still.

For the here and now, Season 5: New Dawn will be launched on Wednesday, June 7 for all platforms.