A series of free access periods are coming in December.

As part of their latest development update, DICE and EA say that there will be a series of free access periods throughout December for Battlefield 2042. These periods will be available on each platform to experience all of what Battlefield 2042 has to offer for a limited time.

Those who play during the Free Access periods will get a few bonuses. First off is the Battlefield 2042 Welcome Pack, which includes a collection of new cosmetics, plus instant access to the Season 1 and Season 2 Specialists (Lis and Crawford). Those playing the trials will get access to the free Battle Pass tiers and can unlock that new content through progression. Players will obviously have their progress carry over should they choose to purchase the game and Premium Battle Pass.

The free play dates are shown below.
  • Xbox: Download and play free from December 1, 12:01 AM PT – December 4, 11:59 PM PT.
  • Steam: Download and play free from December 1, 10 AM PT – December 5, 10 AM PT.
  • PlayStation: Download and play free from December 16, 8 AM PT – December 23, 8 AM PT.
Though the full reveal of Season 3 content is still to come, DICE did share that Season 3 will include a new Specialist, a new map "in a location close to those at DICE," a new Battle Pass, new Portal content, new events, new experiences, and more. Vault weapons such as Bad Company 2's XM8, Battlefield 3's A-91, and others will join All-Out-Warfare. DICE shared a look at a tiny bit of what's coming in the next couple of seasons, including the Specialist rework coming later in Season 3. The team has also been placing each Specialist into four separate Classes, while also redefining what gear and equipment each will have access to.

Battlefield 2042 Specialist classes

DICE shared a look at Weapon Proficiencies that will work alongside the Specialist rework and classes.

Assault - Assault Rifle Proficiency
  • Assault Rifles are ready to fire quicker after sprinting
Engineer - Utility Proficiency
  • Utility Weapons have improved reloading capabilities
Support - LMG Proficiency
  • LMG’s have additional magazines and are more efficient when deploying bipods
Recon - Sniper Rifle Proficiency
  • Faster to stabilize when holding breath, with longer hold breath durations
Using the feedback that you’ve shared, we’ve also switched Irish into the Support role, with Crawford swapping in as an Engineer. Irish will therefore take Crawfords current trait, reviving downed teammates with additional gadget ammunition, and we’ll be developing a new trait for Crawford that will allow him to better specialize as an Engineer.

We’ve also reviewed how it is that Rao best fits into the new system and are working on improved team and squad communication around this Specialist so he performs as a strong asset within the Recon Class. For more on those changes, be sure to check out our recent blog.​
Two of the original Battlefield 2042 maps are being reworked and will be released during Season 3. Update 3.1 will bring an update to Manifest. Update 3.2 will then bring the Specialist rework and a "massive overhaul" to Breakaway. An overview map of the revised flag locations for Manifest was shared. Some quick details about changes hitting both Manifest and Breakaway were also shared today.

Battlefield 2042 Manifest rework

With Manifest, the team has reworked the map to bring it in line with the updates that you’ve already experienced with Kaleidoscope, Renewal, and Orbital - bringing the HQ flags closer to the action, and removing redundant playspace.

We’ve also worked to improve the visibility that you experience on this map, ensuring that our play spaces are better lit, and that your sightlines are improved when you’re scanning for enemies.

You’ll experience better cover, and improved pathing between the flags, with the flags themselves receiving careful attention that ensures that you can better focus your attack and defense when playing the objective.

Be sure to check out the preview of these changes in today's video, and look forward to a more detailed preview as we get closer to Update 3.1

In early 2023, we’ll return with a new and improved Breakaway, bringing a dramatic overhaul to the map which see’s us move the Oil Rig much closer to the action, and better focus our gameplay within a more refined playspace.

We’ve carefully reviewed the purpose of the Outlook flag and decided that we can create a more engaging round of Conquest without it, empowering us to consider how much of the playspace we should retain on top of the Glacier, and design new ways to play within the ice itself.

There are entire new flags for the map, as well as heavily reworked the Town and nearby Refineries to ensure that you’re able to move with more confidence between these flags when playing as infantry.

Ice and Snow shaders have also been reworked, helping to bring a new visual look to the map, and we’re excited to see you get hands on with this one in 2023.​
Those of you who want a more detailed or a more visual look at these changes should check out that new developer update video below. I would absolutely recommend checking out the video because the changes that are coming to Breakaway are nothing short of massive. It seriously looks like a completely different map entirely.

To cap things off, DICE did offer a brief "Season 2 in review" section in their text writeup. Specifically, they talk about the Liquidators event and how they were able to learn some things from fan feedback. Specifically, they say that they are looking at how spawning will be handled in Tactical Conquest in the future. They acknowledge that spawn camping was a major issue in this mode.

DICE also notes that 16v16 ended up being the "better suited" player count for the mode given the size of the play spaces offered. They say that "if" they return Tactical Conquest in the future, they are going to implement changes based on this feedback.

They also note that fans were pretty vocal about the lackluster free rewards offered during the Liquidators event. They say that "the event could have felt more rewarding than it did." Continuing on, they say that for the future mid-season events they want to release there will be "opportunities to earn and unlock more cosmetic items, and that you receive clearer communications from us about what is earnable heading into the event itself."

Again, be sure to check out the video for a look at the map reworks. Breakaway is looking good. If DICE can offer up the same amount of changes and improvements to Discarded and Hourglass, Season 4 will also be very exciting.