Persistent servers are coming to Battlefield 2042, but maybe not in the way you wanted.
Battlefield 2042 Portal persistent servers

DICE put up a new news update today wherein they announce that persistent servers are coming to Battlefield 2042. Unfortunately for you, these persistent servers are only coming to Battlefield Portal. DICE says that these persistent servers have been "a much requested community feature." Persistent servers will be added to Portal as part of the upcoming 2.2 update.

Currently, servers created in Portal only remain visible for as long as there are active players in the server. Once the server is empty, the server shuts down and is no longer visible within the browser. With persistent servers, the server will remain visible within the server browser even if there are no players currently in it. This means players who find a good server that they like to play on will no longer have to wait for the server creator to come back online to reactivate it.

Those that own the Premium Battle Pass will have access to this persistent server option when starting a Portal server. Each Premium Battle Pass owner will be able to host just one persistent server per account. While it's possible for servers to be persistent indefinitely, DICE does say that servers will be removed from the browser if they remain empty for seven days.

What functionality comes with Persistent Servers?
Existing functionality for hosting a server within Battlefield Portal remains unchanged. That means when you host a Server you’ll still have access to:
  • Enabling Cross-Play
  • Allowing players to follow a Server
  • Setting a welcome and match message
  • Password protecting a Server
  • Admin features for the Host​