A limited time event with earnable cosmetics and a focus on close-quarters combat.
Battlefield 2042 - The Liquidators

DICE announced a new in-game event coming very soon to Battlefield 2042. During their new Battlefield Briefing Blog, DICE detailed what fans can expect when The Liquidators kicks off on October 11.

This limited time event, which ends on October 25, will feature special close-quarter combat variants of the existing maps that should make fans of the Domination game type very happy. It will also feature special event missions, earnable rewards, and some freebies just for logging into the game while the event is running.

The new mode for The Liquidators is being called Tactical Conquest. These are smaller, infantry focused variants of the regular Conquest maps. The mode will go from 8 vs 8 in the first week to 16 vs 16 on the second week. The maps that will get the Tactical Conquest treatment include: Arica Harbor, Breakaway, Caspian Border, Discarded, Renewal, and Stranded.

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A breakdown of key features includes:
  • New Mode: Tactical Conquest - Play a smaller infantry focused and fast-paced close-quarters variant of Conquest, rotating between 8x8 and 16v16 on Week 1 and 2, respectively
  • Tighter Playspaces - Modified areas specific to The Liquidators to be found in Arica Harbor, Breakaway, Caspian Border, Discarded, Renewal and Stranded
  • New Missions & Rewards - Earn Ribbons in Tactical Conquest to unlock unique rewards during the event:
    • 10 Ribbons - Epic “The Shield” Player Card Background
    • 30 Ribbons - Epic “Kinetic Caliber” AM40 Weapon Skin
    • 60 Ribbons - Epic “Wrecking Crew” Dozer Specialist Set
    • 100 Ribbons - Legendary “Trojan Horse” M1A5 Vehicle Skin
  • Login Reward and a free themed Headgear and Weapon Skin from the Store