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Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Zero Hour

EA and DICE revealed official information today about Zero Hour, the name for Season One of Battlefield 2042. The game's first season will launch on June 9 across all available platforms. It features a single new map, a single new Specialist, two new vehicles that are both helicopters, and a couple of new weapons.

There is also a new Battle Pass. Rather, the first Battle Pass for the game is also coming. This pass will include a bunch of cosmetic items such as legendary skins and melee takedowns. Most of those cosmetic unlocks are limited to those that purchase the Premium version of the Battle Pass though.

The new map is called Exposure and finds players fighting it out against their clones in the Canadian Rockies. The map features caves and mountain ridges for players to fight in and on. Exposure will be available for both All-Out Warfare and Portal modes when Season One launches on the 9th.

The new Specialist is named Ewelina Lis.

This new season introduces Ewelina Lis, Battlefield 2042’s newest Specialist, a renowned vehicle-killer exceptionally skilled at tracking down and destroying armored land vehicles and aircrafts. Lis’ rocket launcher, which fires remote-controlled missiles for pinpoint accuracy, and the valuable-intel providing Armor Hunter trait make her a deadly foe to any vehicle on the ground or in the sky.
The two new vehicles are both stealth helicopters. They are the RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal Gunship. Each side in the war gets one and they are functionally similar while looking slightly different.

The new weapons added are the Ghostmaker R10 Crossbow that can use regular, light, heavy, and explosive ammo. There is also the BSV-M Marksman Rifle and the Smoke Grenade Launcher. I'd say these two are rather self-explanatory.

Annnnnd that's it.

Battlefield 2042 finally hit version 1.0 earlier today, so that's kind of cool. Yeah? Yeah... ...Yeah.

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